Biocolloids and their Interaction (Protoplasmatologia Band by H.L. Booij & H.G.Bungenberg de Jong

By H.L. Booij & H.G.Bungenberg de Jong

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Their conclUrs,ion is that we are dealing with an unbalanced complex system (excess of negative charges). It is not certain whether a dicomplex or a tricomplex is involved. 3. Con n e c t i vet iss u e The fact that in connective tissue an amphion (collagen) and a colloid anion (mucopolysaccharide) are present leads to the question whether Complex Systems 41 these components are linked together by complex forces. LOEVEN (1953) studied the swelling of connective tissues under the influence of pH and of added salts.

Kolloid-Beih. 43, 213-271. - and J. M. F. LANDSMEER, 1946-1947: Changes in diameter of gelated coacervate drops of the complex coacervate Gelatin-Gum arabic, resulting from a change in the pH, or from neutral salts added to the surrounding medium. I. Rec. trav. chim. Pays-Bas 65, 606-613, II. Proc. Kon. Ned. Akad. Wetensch. Amst. 51, 137-144, III. Proc. Kon. Ned. Akad. Wetensch. Amst. 51, 295-301. DEKKER, W. A. , and C. VAN DER MEER, 1952: Influence of electric charge and valence of ions on the specific "'precipitation of diphtheria toxin with antitoxic horse serum.

This means that the attachment of the cations to the negative groups of the colloids is strengthened considerably by the organic substances (lowering of the dielectric constant). Generally speaking, in macromolecular biocolloids both factors work in the same direction. In association colloids, however, the factors may have an opposite action. There the solubility is often increased by the addition of alcohol or acetone. In this case the flocculation or coacervation by a salt may be suppressed by an organic substance.

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