Biochemistry of Nickel (Biochemistry of the Elements) by Robert P. Hausinger

By Robert P. Hausinger

During this well timed monograph, the writer summarizes the speedily turning out to be physique of data relating to nickel through supplying a balanced dialogue of its destructive and invaluable results. assurance encompasses a heritage of nickel; the chemistry of nickel, descriptions of the 4 identified enzymes which comprise nickel; and nickel metabolism in microbes, vegetation, and animals. Taken as an entire, Dr. Hausinger's paintings will spotlight key positive factors of this significant aspect and support outline destiny examine.

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In order to begin to characterize the roles for histidine groups in urease, Park and Hausinger ( 199 3b) have changed each of ten histidines individually to alanine in K. aerogenes urease. These ten residues are conserved among all six ureases that have been sequenced. Urease proteins were purified from each of the ten mutants and characterized for activity and nickel contents. Five of the conserved histidines (residue 96 in the 'Y subunit, residues 39 and 41 in the f) subunit, and residues 312 and 321 in the a subunit) have no catalytic function as shown by the lack of any effect when they were changed to alanine.

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5 (G. Wilkinson, R. D. Gillard, and J. A. ), Pergamon Press, New York, pp. 1347. Salerno, J. , 1988. The EPR spectra of odd-electron nickel ions in biological systems: Theory for d' and t:P ions, in The Bioinorganic Chemistry of Nickel (J. R. , VCH Publishers, New York, pp. 53-71. Tomlinson, A. A. , 1981. Nickel, Coord. Chern. Rev. 37:221-296. , 1905. Determination of nickel, Z. Anorg. Allg. Chern. 44:144. Weast, R. , 1975. , CRC Press, Cleveland, Ohio. 1 Introduction Urease catalyzes the hydrolysis of urea to yield ammonia and carbamate, which spontaneously decomposes to form carbonic acid and a second molecule of ammonia [reviewed by Andrews et al.

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