Beta Decay / Betazerfall by O. Kofoed-Hansen, C. J. Christensen (auth.), S. Flügge

By O. Kofoed-Hansen, C. J. Christensen (auth.), S. Flügge (eds.)

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The result of PETSCHEK and MARSHAK was finally completely ruled out because the RaE spin was found to be 1. PLASSMANN and LANGER, and Wu and coworkers 2 then showed that a fit may be obtained to a 1-+0 (yes) transition by means of the S - T interaction if the following matrix element 8r----,----,----,----r---. ratios are used RaE JfJ1 , - ......... 22, gT JfJa X ,. (11·3) JfJ'it . 51. Z correctedwithl, = 112, :r- zz,Wo=JZ/J Gr_-~cl----+-~-r_--+-~ J ~¥r---;----~~--~r---+-~ $. ~ These values lead to an acci- ~ dental cancellation of the large zr_--4------+---~~~--+-~ energy independent terms in Cn usually encountered in nonunique shape spectra.

44 O. KOFOED-HANSEN and C. J. CHRISTENSEN: Experiments on (J-Decay. Sect. 11. 11. Forbidden transitions. rx) Unique shape transitions. As mentioned in Sect. 3 the unique shape transitions are those forbidden transitions which as a group are most easily recognized experimentally. The occurrence of unique shape transitions furnishes a very good check on the entire theory of {J-decay, not only as regards general ideas but also specifically as regards the theory of forbidden decay. When Coulomb effects are neglected, the energy dependence of the correction factors Cn of Eq.

HORIE and W. F. HORNYAK: Phys. Rev. 100, 945 (1955). Sect. 10. Allowed transitions. 43 point in connection with reactor produced p32 is important. p32 is usually produced in a S32 (n, P) p32 reaction. 9 Mev) that p32 is produced by the more energetic neutrons in the reactor. For many years it was difficult to obtain linear Fermi plots from reactor-produced P32. It turned out that the difficulties were caused by the presence in the sample of p33 produced by the S33 (n, p) paa reaction l which has a positive Q value.

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