Arguing With the Phallus: Feminist, Queer and Postcolonial by Jan Campbell

By Jan Campbell

What can psychoanalysis provide modern arguments within the fields of Feminism, Queer thought and Post-Colonialism? Jan Campbell introduces and analyses the way in which that psychoanalysis has built and made problematical versions of subjectivity associated with problems with sexuality, ethnicity, gender, and historical past. through discussions of such influential and various figures as Lacan, Irigaray, Kristeva, Dollimore, Bhabha, Toni Morrison, and Alice Walker, Campbell makes use of psychoanalysis as a mediatory software in more than a few debates around the human sciences, whereas additionally arguing for a metamorphosis of psychoanalytic idea itself.

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Conversely, we have also seen that Irigaray's challenge to this accepted primary narcissism is based on the realisation that such acceptance of the death drive consigns the bodies of women to an excluded abject status, a status that grounds masculine identity whilst denying feminine subjectivity. liiiiiiiii The dialogic relation The death drive seems to provide an adequate expiaination for the operation of dominant culture and subjectivity. For example, it fits neatly the model of a Freudian bourgeois subject repressively fearing and desiring the body, and thus projecting that abject bodily relation onto other 'lower' and more marginal identities and groups.

In fact, if Klein was originally influenced by Freud, but moved to develop her own school of thinking, then Winnicott can be said to have likewise been influenced by Klein, but significantly revised some of her findings through his own work. Nevertheless, Klein can be seen as a forerunner to Winnicott, with her later work marking the beginning of object relations theory. Melanie Klein's views of psychical reality evolved into an account of the unconscious, that was different to Freud's. Whereas Freud's topography of the unconscious was concerned with childhood desire, repression and the Oedipal complex, Klein's notion of phantasy2 referred to the preOedipal world of the small baby, and to the primitive internal objects which 2 The spelling 'phantasy' will be used in relation to Klein's concepts, because for her phantasy = unconscious.

Between Realist and Narcissistic Ego, or between Experience and Text Freud's avoidance of politics in favour of a more medical and scientific position is evident in his writings, but it can also be traced in terms of his personal life.

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