Air Pollution and Its Impacts on U.S. National Parks by Timothy J. Sullivan

By Timothy J. Sullivan

A number of air pollution are emitted into the ambience from human-caused and traditional emissions resources during the usa and in different places. those contaminants impression delicate common assets in desolate tract, together with the nationwide parks. The process of nationwide parks within the usa is between our best resources. This ebook presents a compilation and synthesis of present medical knowing concerning the factors and results of those pollution inside of nationwide park lands. It describes pollutant emissions, deposition, and exposures; it identifies the severe (tipping element) a great deal of pollutant deposition at which adversarial affects are manifested.

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It is my hope that the reader of this book will come away with an improved understanding of air pollution in the national parks and the extent to which sensitive Preface xxxvii resources have been impacted. Along the way, you will learn a great deal about ecosystems and biogeochemistry. Armed with knowledge of pollutant sensitivities, exposures, and effects, we can collectively enhance the ability of the National Park Service to protect park resources so that these national treasures will be available for the enjoyment of future generations.

The book benefited greatly from review comments offered on an earlier draft by Gail Begley, David Gay, William Jackson, Robert Kohut, Dixon Landers, and Jason Lynch. My wife and daughters provided encouragement and accompanied me on visits to many of the parks discussed herein. The following additional National Park Service scientists provided suggestions that were very helpful in the preparation of this book: Bill Baccus, Jill Baron, Jeffery Bennett, Andrea Blakesley, Clare Bledsoe, Michael Bower, Paul Burger, Joffre Castro, Jim Comiskey, Jalyn Cummings, Robert Emmott, Annie Esperanza, Kirsten Gallo, Michael George, Johnathan Jernigan, Sarah Jovan, John Klaptosky, Greg Kudray, Michael Larrabee, Amy Larsen, Jim Lawler, Kristin Legg, Teresa Leibfreid, Rhonda Loh, Eathan McIntyre, Paul McLaughlin, Julie McNamee, Brian Mitchell, Peter Neitlich, Megan Nortrup, Matt Patterson, Dusty Perkins, Melanie Peters, Ashley Rawhouser, Regina Rochefort, Jed Redwine, Hildy Reiser, Jim Renfro, Ben Roberts, Judy Rocchio, Bill Route, Dave Schirokauer, Don Shepherd, Nita Tallent, Lee Tarnay, Kathy Tonnessen, and David VanderMeulen.

1 Average Changes in S and N Deposition between 2001 and 2011 across Park Grid Cells at Selected North Coast and Cascades Network Parks ....... 2 Ozone Assessment Results for Selected Inventory and Monitoring Parks in the North Coast and Cascades Network Based on Estimated Average 3-Month W126 and SUM06 Ozone Exposure Indices for the Period 2005–2009 and Kohut’s (2007) Ozone Risk Ranking for the Period 1995–1999 ...................................................................................................

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