1234 Modern End-Game Studies: With Appendix Containing 24 by M.A.; LOMMER, H.M. SUTHERLAND


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1). } = Pc}, the maximum of Wt is transformed into a minimum. Since Wt must be zero at the boundaries, a new maximum of Wt must be formed somewhere (point P in Fig. 5). Since the symmetric point is already occupied with the minimum of Wt, the new maximum must form on a less symmetric point. Therefore, it breaks the symmetry and is degenerate with a whole group of other maxima. , a symmetry changing transition has occurred. This behaviour is weil known for systems in thermal equilibrium undergoing a second order phase transition and concepts of second order phase transitions may, in fact, be applied to this problem.

G. by beam splitters and electronic delay), are electronically multiplied and averaged over a time interval. g. the autocorrelation function (I(t + -r) I(t))- (J(t)) 2 , or cross-correlation functions like (11 (t + -r) I2 (t)) - (I1 (t)) (I2 (t)), if more than one mode of the electromagnetic field is excited. g. relaxation times, fluctuation intensities). They can be 42 R. Graham: calculated, either by the microscopic theory, which is reviewed in the next section, or by the phenomenological theory.

20) is 1 by normalization. This proves that K(t) has the properties of a Lyapunoff functional for Eq. 10). It shows that all probability densities Wf approach each other in the course of time. If the limit exists, it is given by the stationary distribution Wf, which is unique and stable. 13), has to be specialized to time independence. Otherwise it would be possible to construct many different stationary solutions simply by shifting the time t by an arbitrary interval. More generally, it follows from the uniqueness of the stationary distribution, that Wf and c/Js have tobe invariants of all symmetries of the system.

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