Blood Sweat
& Punk Volume 4

Blood Sweat & Punk Volume 4

PUNKOLEUM…Altercation Records does it again with another 21 tracks of killer punk rock released on this years Blood Sweat & Punk Vol 4 which features well known and classic bands like The Dwarves, Left Alone, and The Riverboat Gamblers who rock this compilation side by side with up and comers like Svetlanas, Drakulas, and The Sharp Lads. And in true punk style you’ll enjoy all aspects and genres here from the harder hardcore tracks from M.O.D. and Cry Havoc, to the pop punk of The Prozacs and the ska infused punk of Stray Bullets, or the more roots and folk sound of The Grizzly Band and Kyle Trocolla. Yes like the previous three Blood Sweat & Punk releases every genre of punk is pleasantly arranged into one sweet little package for you to enjoy. K.G.

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